Think Outside the Commute

Do you need to commute into work every single day? If you’ve ever thought you could have just as easily worked from home, now is the time to start. Of course, many tasks require a physical presence. And many jobs need you to be there all the time. However, plenty of tasks are done alone, on a phone or computer.

Do you Have What it Takes?

If you can work from home, free from distractions, your fortunate. Not everyone can. Working from space near home can be less distracting, even if it means working in the home of a neighboring CloudCommuter. To learn how other CloudCommuters have overcome obstacles visit our case study reports.

Do You Have an Agreement?

Set expectations with your staff, coworkers and directors. For help with those conversations, see our sample letters.

Do You Have the Space?

A dedicated space is ideal, where you know your stuff can sit undisturbed until you return.

Do You Have the Support?

The support of your co-workers. or help with those conversations, see our sample letters. Others you work with need quick and easy access to you, whatever technology is best. Also use technology to alert colleagues of how to find you quickly.

Do You Have the Security?

 While working at a local coffee shop might feel right, keep in mind that sensitive information is exposed to anyone passing by your screen.

Do You Have the Technology?

 Technology page is in development.